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The National Spiritual Science Center of Washington is an Institute dedicated to spiritual growth and personal development. Where people discover their inner gifts and understand how to apply spiritual principles to actualize and access the fullness of who they are.



To uplift, enlighten, encourage, and nurture the soul and essence of humanity, through the power of ancient Mystical wisdom and modern Spiritual teachings.



The National Spiritual Science Center of Washington was established in 1941 in Washington, DC by Rev. Alice Wellstood Tindall as the First Spiritual Science Church. Reverend Tindall was trained at the Spiritual Science Mother Church. The Spiritual Science Mother Church was founded by Reverend Julia Forrest on May 23, 1923, at Carnegie Hall Studios in New York City. 

During the next twenty-eight years, Rev, Tindall conducted weekly services, led development circles, and represented the Church and its concepts in public appearances. The Church was an active participant, through Rev. Tindall, in organizing the Federation of Spiritual Churches and Associations. Rev. Tindall served repeatedly as an officer of the Federation. Rev. Diane and Rev. Henry Nagorka joined the Church in 1962 and studied with Rev. Tindall until 1968. In 1969, responsibilities for the Church were passed on to the Reverends Nagorka.  

The School of Spiritual Science was developed, and Center activities were expanded. In January 1970, the Center moved to 5605   Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC.  Rev. Henry J. Nagorka was President of the Center for sixteen years. With his passing in 1986, Rev. Diane Nagorka served as President until retiring in Junes of 1989.

The Center and Institute is presently overseen by Reverend Dr. Yao A. Rainey Cheeks.

Clearing and Cleansing Mantra

Father - Mother- God, thank you for clearing and cleansing me in the Christ Light. Within your limitless healing and transmuting energies, by God's will and my highest good, I thank you for removing completely all negativity in any form:  Impersonally with neither love nor hate, through the I AM Power, I return all negativity to its source of emanation with no reversal upon myself, decreeing that it never again be allowed to re-establish within me or anyone else.  Within the concept of individual freewill may this negative emanation turn to you Father for love. Thank you, Father - Mother - God for placing me within the impenetrable white Christ Light of Protection. So be it.